Trainings & Staff Retreats

Facilitated therapeutic art making supports self-care, communication, and cohesion between members of a team.

Playful creative activities help us to relax, have fun, see challenges differently, and vision innovative solutions.

Exploring boundaries, expressing feelings after transition or loss, and amplifying available resources are areas of focus that are often beneficial to work groups.

Retreats may be indoors, outdoors, or a blend of both. Contact me if you would like to collaborate on planning an innovative and effective retreat for your staff.

Redwood Park Oakland eco art workshop
Redwood Park mandala

I regularly offer trainings and consultation about integrating art into therapeutic work to multidisciplinary clinicians as well as to those who are providing community support in other ways, including teachers, creative professionals, court-appointed special advocates, parents, foster families, and community activists.

Contact me if you would like to request an on-site training, indoors or outside.

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Some feedback from participants:

“The workshop was useful, practical, interesting and fun.”

“I felt comfortable with Eleanor, her presentation was clear and inspiring.”

“I felt a strong sense of peace while doing the artwork and meditation with you.”

“I attended your amazing training, and I have put so much of what I learned into my own practice.”

Mandala Making
Mandala Making