Art Therapy with Teens

Teenage years are a time of rapid change and growth.

When life becomes overwhelming, having time in a safe, private, comfortable space with a supportive, understanding, accepting person is a relief.

Art therapy allows teens to express themselves without having to explain themselves.

<strong>Wolf with Cave</strong>
Wolf with Cave

Over time, we learn and practice skills and identify strategies to:

  • Cultivate more satisfying relationships, in person and online.
  • Increase confidence and ease in body and self.
  • Shift stuck negative cycles into more positive and enjoyable action.
  • Develop accessible ways to relax, increase awareness and reduce anxiety.
  • Balance moods and energy.
  • Strategize about safer ways to have fun and explore life.
  • Communicate feelings, needs and requests in more productive ways.

I typically meet with the adults in the family first, then a second meeting with the teen while an adult family member is present.

Typically we proceed with weekly individual meetings with the teen, supplemented by intermittent check-ins with parents/guardians and family meetings as appropriate.

In-person sessions are preferable.

Telehealth meetings are an option when coming to the office is not feasible.

<strong>How I feel in my body and brain</strong>
How I feel in my body and brain