Children & Teens

Play, movement, and art are natural activities for children.  Therapy can benefit children in many ways, such as helping them through a family transition; supporting their ability to focus and learn; helping them identify and appropriately express feelings; decreasing fears; and reducing conflicts with others.


Art allows teens to express themselves without having to explain themselves.  Teens are often challenged as they explore and develop their identity and navigate changing relationships with adults and peers.  Relaxation and mindfulness practices help teens manage stress and balance moods, while communication skills support more positive and productive interactions with others.  Many teen clients who have had negative prior experiences with counseling, or fears about coming to therapy, have expressed that they enjoyed their sessions with me and felt better afterwards.


I meet with parents or legal guardians before beginning therapy with children or teens, so that we may candidly discuss concerns and family history.  For older adolescents, the teen and parent or guardian may come in together for the initial session.  As therapy continues, regular contact with adult family members is essential to the effectiveness and success of therapy.