Creativity and beauty are transformative, empowering and healing. As an artist and an art therapist, I experience and witness the benefits of making and looking at art.

Creating is a spiritual practice. I am inspired by natural landscapes and by the stories, images and symbols of many cultures and times. Images often arrive whole - in a dream, in prayer, in meditation, while outside. I explore how I might bring the vision into form. As I work, the message reveals itself. The cycle is complete when I share my art.

My art incorporates natural materials and discarded manufactured objects. As I collect materials, as I move around outdoors, I hear and see a poignant call for help from the wild world. I am complicit in the ravaging of resources – using paper, pigments, solvents, glitter glue, magic markers.

Fine Art

Land Art

Land Art Day of Northern California Women’s Caucus for the Arts, various dates/locations - participant and facilitator.

  • Sebastopol, 2022.
  • San Francisco Presidio, 2021.
  • Middle Harbor Shoreline Park, Oakland, 2021 (facilitated group eco art installation).
  • Gill Farm Tract, Berkeley 2019.
  • Pescadero, CA. August 2018 & 2017.
  • O'Hanlon Center for the Arts, Mill Valley, CA. 2016 (facilitated group eco art retreat).

Women’s International Drum Camp, July 2019 and 2018 - invited artist for earth offering.

Loving the Earth: Healing the Planet through Mindful Engagement - invited artist for earth offering.

  • Spirit Rock Meditation Center, Woodacre, CA. September 15, 2018.

Morning Altars Reimagine End of Life: Making Beauty from Grief - participating artist.

  • Mountain View Cemetery, Oakland, CA. April 2018.