What is eco art therapy?

Creative experiences acknowledge and increase our connection with nature, inside and outside ourselves.  We use eco art therapy practices to bring understanding, healing and health to the ways we relate to the earth's systems and to other beings, including humans.  It is possible to increase resilience and sustainability, mitigate harm and reverse destruction.

Eco art therapy activities are diverse.  Some possibilities include:

  • Making art with found natural and discarded manufactured materials (a.k.a. trash).
  • Using organic materials as tools and/or as surface – drawing with a twig into soft mud, for example.
  • Using traditional art media outdoors, to create art that increases our awareness of our environment.
  • Reducing use of toxic and plastic art materials.  Reusing materials.  Recycling.
  • Using elemental shifts – like blowing wind or flowing water – as part of the art piece.