All are welcome. Children, teens, adults, couples and families benefit from having a safe space to talk, a compassionate witness, and an experienced guide on the path to healing.

Together we can identify strengths and resources, and how to use them to respond to life’s challenges. We’ll appreciate what is working well, and find ways to increase enjoyment.

Practicing compassionate communication skills can increase our connection to and relationship with ourselves and with others.

We might release stress through breathing and gentle movement, bringing awareness to our body sensations. Understanding how our brains and bodies interact with our emotions, thoughts and behaviors is a useful tool for creating change in our lives.

Current research in neurobiology validates art therapy’s effectiveness to transform trauma, and increase social, cognitive and emotional functioning.

It is not necessary to have any artistic experience - it is the process, not the product that matters. Art activities are suggested, not required, and are adapted to each person’s needs and abilities. All materials are provided.

Therapy is a collaborative process. Please feel free to ask me any questions that you have before or during therapy. Therapy works best when sessions are held on a consistent basis.

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