Adults & Couples

For adults, therapy can be an important source of support when life is feeling confusing, heavy, or out of control.  You may choose to come in for just a few sessions, or you may be nurtured by having a longer-term safe and confidential space to learn new skills and find greater peace.

Some sessions may be primarily talking, incorporating awareness of our bodies and breath.  Other times, we may choose to do art as another means to explore and understand some aspect of your journey.  Art is always an option, never an expectation.

I also offer outdoor walking therapy sessions after an initial indoor meeting and assessment, or as an option during ongoing work. Being together in nature is restorative, relaxing and energizing.

Helping people to process trauma is an area of expertise.  Other common challenges include depression, anxiety, stress, relationship conflicts at work or at home, grief and loss, parenting, and lack of creative expression.  All of these experiences are part of life. We can find ways to respond that feel better and healthier so that we can move forward in our lives in a good way.


Therapy can help revitalize and maintain thriving connection in relationship.  It is helpful to have space and time to explore unresolved conflicts, identify needs, and consider possibilities for loving response.

Learning and practicing communication skills is often useful, so that each partner can speak truthfully and authentically without shaming or belittling the other.  High conflict couples can learn to regulate emotions and safely release anger, while finding more peaceful ways to express feelings and needs.

Some couples may choose to schedule longer sessions in order to have more time. Please contact me if you have questions or concerns.